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River Creek Farms SimAngus Bull Sale Wednesday, February 8th at 1:00 PM
Regular Sale Friday, February 10th at 10:00 AM
Special Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale Wednesday, February 15th at 11:00 AM
Special Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale Wednesday, March 15th at 11:00 AM

We will also be selling cow/calf pairs and bred cows when available on our regular Friday auctions, starting at 11:30 AM on the pairs.
If you have pairs and bred cows to sell, please call us so we may advertise them in advance.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023  RIVERCREEK FARMS SALE  1:00 PM
Wednesday, February 15th, 2023  11:00 AM
Wednesday, March 15th, 2023  11:00 AM
Wednesday, April 12, 2023  11:00 AM
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023  11:00 AM

Looking for a full time yard man & part time help. Cattle experience preferred but will train the right candidates.

Local Auction Markets Still the Most Secure Way to Sell Livestock
Important Trichomoniasis Regulations

Every Friday is a Special Sale at Manhattan Commission Company!
Offering several consignments of reputation calves to meet the demands of our regular buyers
who are here every week, as well as new buyers.
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33rd Annual "Built to Work" SimAngus Bull Sale

Wednesday, February 8th at 1:00 PM
Selling (90) 18 mo. old bulls, 50 yearling bulls

Visit RiverCreekFarms.com for catalog and videos;

Bid online at DVauction.com


Early Consignments
Regular Sale
Friday, February 10th at 10:00 AM

191 blk strs & hfrs (weaned 75 days/ bunk broke/ 2 rds. shots) 500-600 lbs.

120 choice reputation Angus strs & hfrs (long weaned/ 2 rds. shots) 600-800 lbs.

50 blk bwf & Herf strs & hfrs (long weaned/ green/ all shots at weaning) 500-700 lbs.

65 reputation Angus strs (long weaned/ 2 rds. shots/ no implants) 700-850 lbs.

35 reputation Angus replacement hfrs (long weaned/ 2 rds. shots/ no implants) 650-750 lbs.

40 choice Angus strs & hfrs (2 rds. shots/ weaned 120 days/ no implants) 525-625 lbs.

1 homeraised blk long time fed butcher str 1500 lbs.

35 blk & bwf strs & hfrs (weaned 75 days/ 2 rds. shots/ bunk broke) 500-650 lbs.

17 blk & bwf hfrs (long weaned/ 2 rds. shots/ bunk broke) 600-700 lbs.

125 blk strs & hfrs (long weaned/ shots) 650-850 lbs.

100 fancy Nelson or Harms Angus sired strs & replacement quality hfrs (weaned mid Oct/. 2 rds. shots) 600-800 lbs.

75 choice blk strs & hfrs
(long weaned/ shots) 600-800 lbs.





Early Consignments
Special Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale
Wednesday, February 15th at 11:00 AM

5 fancy gentle red 1st calf (OCV) hfrs with 35-40 day, mostly AI sired Feddes Silver Bow Red Angus calves by side. (Calves & hfrs have had all shots)

5 fancy gentle blk 1st calf (OCV) hfrs with 35-40 day, mostly AI sired calves by Tehama Tahoe Blk Angus bull. (Calves & hfrs have had all shots)

36 Angus SimAngus, Cline SimAngus sired 1st calf (OCV) hfrs with 4-6 week blk bwf calves by side. (Hfrs & calves have had all shots/ bull calves worked)

2 Angus 1st calf hfrs with Dec. calves by side.

10 Red Angus 1st calf hfrs with 3-4 week calves by side

7 home raised polled Herf 1st calf hfrs
bred to lbw Herf bull for April thru May calves.


30 choice gentle Angus & SimAngus 1st calf hfrs bred LBW Harms Angus bulls for late Feb.-Mar. calves


9 Herf cows (3 yrs. old) bred Angus for late March & April calves.(Current on all shots including Scourguard)

30 blk bwf cows bred blk bulls for March-April calves.

10 registered Angus cows (3 to 5 yrs.) bred LBW Angus bull for mid Feb.-April calving.

9 blk cows (8-9 yrs.) bred to Red SimAngus or Herf for March 15 calving

80 mostly blk, few red cows (5 yrs. to older) bred Char Bulls May 20 for late Feb. thru April calving. (Current on all shots including Scour Guard)

30 powerful Angus/ Red Angus Spring calving cows (3 to 6 yrs.) bred Angus or Red Angus bulls to start calving Feb. 25 for 90 days.

45 blk cows (4 to SS/ most are 5-6 yrs.) bred to Char bulls for Mar. & April calves. (Wormed & all shots Nov.)

30 crossbred cows (5 to 7 yrs.) bred Blk Balancer bulls for April-May 60 day calving period. These cows are 2 & 3 year AI bred genetics.

40 bwf & blk brockle face cows (4 yrs. to SS) mostly bred to Angus (few bred Herf) for April & early May calves (Current on all shots including scourguard)

12 Angus cows (6 yrs. to SS) with Oct./Nov. Angus sired calves by side.


45 gentle home raised Purebred Red & Roan Shorthorn Cows (1st calf hfrs to older) bred registered Shorthorn bull for late Feb.-April calves.

35 blk bwf cows (3 to 6 yrs.) with Nov.-Dec. calves by side. Cows running back with Angus bulls since Jan. 1. Cows & calves all worked.

4 red brockle face cows (5 yrs.) with Red Angus sired 30-60 day calves by side.

2 blk cows (5 yrs.) with 30 day blk calves by side.

10 blk cows (6 yrs. to SS) with big Sept.-Oct. Angus sired calves by side. Cows exposed back to Angus bull since mid Nov.. (Cows & calves all worked)

4 blk cows (running ages) with Dec. Angus sired calves. Cows exposed back Angus.(cows & calves all worked)

2 Red Roan Shorthorn virgin yearling bulls.


Early Consignments
Special Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale
Wednesday, March 15th at 11:00 AM

13 home raised SimAngus Fall bred heifers for August to early September Calving. Bred to a LBW Connealy Concord son. Heifers are daughters of Payweight 1682 and Final Answer bulls. Bulls turned in Nov. 1 and pulled Dec. 20. Heifers are OCV vaccinated and have had all breeding shots.

8 home raised 3-6 year old SimAngus Fall bred cows. Bred to Springcreek Vision bull for August to early September calving. Cows have OCV and all prebreeding vaccinations.